Stock photography, royalty free images, herbs

is about stock photography and royalty free images of herbs and medicinal plants, meant for marketing and design departments, small and large businesses, advertisers and publishers. We grow many of the plants ourselves from seed and/or cuttings, and through befriended nurseries we have access to a wide variety of medicinal plants and culinary herbs. 

Our stock photographs are available as  royalty free images or as rights managed images, for more information go to the How it Works page. On this site you will find thumbnails of the herbs and medicinal plants that are available for purchase. By clicking the thumbnails larger images will be displayed. These images can be purchased royalty free by clicking the Add to Cart button using your PayPal account. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can create a PayPal account while shopping.

Browse this site through the royalty free images pages, or have a look at the Botanical or English A-Z listing. Ths HSI website currently contains 92 unqiue royalty free images of the same number of herbs and medicinal plants.

Our stock photography database currently contains approximately 5.000 high resolution pictures of 450 herbs and medicinal plants, and keeps on growing. We will add roylaty free images of plants regularly. Go to the Contact Us page and send us an email with your special request for stock photography of herbs and medicinal plants, and please supply us with a deadline date, we all know how important they are.

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stock photography, royalty free images, herbs

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